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Guild Message of the Day - May 28th
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Point of Authority News

By: Oldschool - January 13th

Cho'gall Down!

server first!

By: Zector - December 15th

Who's Got the Server First Raid Boss Kill..?

We've got the server first raid boss kill!
Conclave of Wind mastered!


  • Aeonus: Wow! is that my awesomeness?
  • Oldschool: yeah right next to my legendaryness
By: Zector - December 12th

The beginning of a new era


October 17th

So long and thanks for all the fish

Unfortunately due to IRL issues i wont be able to play wow anymore, right now there are other things i need to focus on. I just wanted to let you all know why i havent been online, and to let you all know that im sorry this was so sudden. As I've told you before RL>wow always, and right now thats something that i need to follow.


I've enjoyed playing with all of you guys a lot, we've accomplished a lot from where we started back when we were the server laughingstock, and i wanted to thank you all for that. Zector is the new guildmaster and i know you guys will keep doing great things in cata. 


Its been fun, i hope to talk to you on vent now and then and feel free to shoot me a text whenever.



  • Byawpoonage: old :( i r sad
  • Oldschool: <3 bya
  • Dreadthorn: good luck old and you will be missed =(
  • Cortisol: Good luck, and don't forget your towel!!
  • Crakzor: I know you'll be back! You dont quit WoW - WoW quits YOU!
  • Xei: :(
October 14th

PoA: The Future is Today!

Discussion between a couple of guild members and officers got us thinking about the future of Point of Authority. We find ourselves moving quickly into a new expansion on what many of us believe to be a very successful guild. No real decisions have been made final just yet, but I'm very interested in what everyone thinks. So I basically wrote up a quick survey so you can let us know thoughts and ideas.

<script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="UTF-8"><script type="text/javascript"> polldaddy.add( { type: 'button', title: 'So let us know what you think!', style: 'inline', text_color: 'FFFFFF', id: '2E10E959BF9042CD' } );

  • Zector: You can also post a public comment here if you'd like. :P
  • Sefirus: Hay Zector is there anyway to look at the poll??
  • Byawpoonage: i r dah l33t saus
  • Crakzor: Everyone help, to dedicate some weeks in getting everyone a frostywym! (why the hell is this selfish?)
September 29th

It's been a long time coming.

Quote of the night:

Oldschool: "Crap did someone just DI me while enchanting?!"

More screenies here! 



  • Oldschool: likes this.
August 31st

LK 25m one shotted

After countless weeks and hours of hardwork, we one shot 25m LK in an otherwise bleak monday.

And here's some bonus pics



August 27th

Reins of the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher

It takes skill, or something like it!



  • Zector: I think this is how I'll be posting achivements from now on. It's a million times easier.
July 14th


Halion roflpwned in 25m.!

Halion 25m



Sindragosa 25m down! On our way to Lich King 25m!

Cindy Down!

May 24th

Lich King Dead!

Lich King Down!

  • Kistara: FICOIUGVDFOIVBUGD FINALLY, I was thinking of buying a 2 month card just so I could ask you guys if you've killed him yet. But anyway, grats :D
  • Oldschool: lol thanks kist

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